My interest in glass began with learning to make lampwork beads to use in jewellery and very quickly led me to other glass working techniques and especially to fused glass. Several years of working and playing with glass have allowed me to understand the possibilities and develop styles that work for me and work for the glass rather than making the glass do what I want. I now work from a small studio at my home in Haddington as well as teaching kiln glass techniques at Poldrate Arts and Crafts Centre.

Though I love the variety of colours available in art glass and enjoy the design possibilities they bring I also enjoy working with waste glass, whether old greenhouse glass or window glass, offcuts from picture framers or used toughened glass. There is a satisfaction in taking something which would have been thrown out and creating something new with it. I enjoy bringing ideas from other crafts to my glasswork whether it is stamping or printing on the glass or combining glass and wire. My work is a mix of decorative and practical items and jewellery.

It is always exciting to go out in the morning, open the kiln and see the results from the day before!